Dolphins Inaugural NRL Game Day Vs. Sydney City Roosters, Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, 05.03.2023

What an absolutely epic game day and inaugural game for Dolphins NRL at Suncorp Stadium on a gorgeous autumn Brissy Sunday arvo winning 28-18 over Sydney Roosters.

I had a great day taking dad along and loved the collectable trading cards to commemorate the first game.

Well done to the Dolphins on the first game. What a vibe it was out there at the final whistle.

Some thoughts on the game day here for the Dolphins first event at Suncorp Stadium.
The members bar downstairs, the Pod Club looked a bit lame and tacky and needed more colour and atmosphere. It just looked stale. Big lines and hard to locate. More signage. 

No staff really present around the ground inside or out to assist fans and ask questions. Didn’t even see a membership tent. 

No map in the comms mail out of activations and key etc? But good comms email. Had everything you needed to know. 

Was a bit odd walking in seeing Broncos branding everywhere along Milton Road but guess they got in first and have paid that up to have the branding on the light poles.

The trading cards was a unique idea and simple stuff. Already going for a mint on Facebook marketplace as are the red dolphin fins as headwear. Initially very dorky but it’s taken off. Good to see.

No Broncos like ‘Paddock Club’ for pre game drinking and comfy seating watching other games outside the ground outside Caxton St which was disappointing however I’ve since seen that the Broncos are not doing this either. A licensing issue? A sponsor issue? XXXX not keen to run it? The most money I’ve spent at the venue was because of this area activation and coming to the ground earlier spending more money outside and in the venue.

Kids zone looked good. Room for more sponsor activations and kids activities. 

Some of your sponsors had zero visibility. Budget Direct was front and centre yet Kings was nowhere to be seen. Where’s their adventure playground or 4WD set up etc. 

No signage for Phinnyland which is their fan zone. I think the Dolphins can really claim this fan zone for kids as something fun for fans and families but found it odd no signage.

The phins up song was really catchy. Absolutely worked. 

Brilliant to have a Sunday game day. I wish the Broncos would do more of these like the good old QEII ANZ Stadium days in the 90s!

ACDC worked well. The other songs are like ‘Sweet Caroline’ boring and tired. Thankfully they didn’t use the SC. I hope they wont be like every other club FOMO on the same game day stuff. Be more unique. I really thought with everything else they had done to date that using White Stripes/Black Keys wouldn’t have gone with those. 

Welcome to country was great and the Artie Beetson medal was a nice touch.

The safe smoke!!! Now that was brilliant need more of that. Haven’t seen an NRL team use that. The fireworks didn’t work but it was daytime. The red smoke really contrasted so well with the blue sky but at night this will look amazing.

I’m Broncos through and through and not changing but I thought that was an outstanding display yesterday and I hope they bring in 1000s of new memberships now as it’s good for the game. I’ll be back for more games. Well done Dolphins!

Loads more pictures and videos here from the game day

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