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The LIFEBLOOD Blood Donation Experience

I often talk here about what makes a superb #FanExperience at venues on event days however for something different, here’s an example of what I think is the best customer service experience in Australia.

The Australian Red Cross Lifeblood blood donor service is an experience that I believe those in our industry should take notice of and investigate further to see how they acquire, retain and reward blood donors.

I’ve been a blood donor since I was 16 and in those 22 years, I’ve donated close to a hundred times and without fail every single time I am blown away by the authentic customer service and the overall journey to donate blood. From the positive attitudes and smiles of the staff to the seamless experience of booking to donor centre arrival and donation to the end of donation feed and thanks, it is a very rewarding, efficient and loyalty inducing experience.

Here are some of my observations:

🔴 The journey starts with personalised phone calls informing you specifically to match your blood to the people who need it most.

🔴 Entrance. From free parking to the moment you walk in, you are treated like royalty.

🔴 Tech. The questionnaire is completed on a large tablet with impressive easy to follow UX features.

🔴 Human touch. They listen and show empathy here at every step of the way to donors and themselves. The care and compassion and safety from staff when donating puts you at ease. It seems like a positive culture to work in too.

🔴 It’s quick and efficient. It can all take under an hour from entrance to questionnaire and interview to drawing the pint and getting a snack.

🔴 Social engagement, rewards and teamwork. The ‘TEAMS’ challenge board encourages businesses to round up their staff and work together to donate, there are props for photos to tag #LIFEBLOODAU while the wall of fame showcases those who have made 25, 50, 100+ donations.

🔴 The refreshment and recovery incentives are pretty good. The free food includes quality food and drinks with kombucha, juice, flavoured milk and water plus pies and snacks, and sweets with inclusive gluten-free and vegan options available as well.

🔴 The follow-up communications with text messages about where your blood has gone and how it is being used could well be the best post-event engagement I’ve seen by a business.

I’ve put a little video together of what donating is like on a typical day such as my experience today in Brisbane.

I hope it might inspire others to think about donating if they can and also for those in our industry to look at what they do here and how some of the things they do could be replicated.

To enquire about donating blood call 13 14 95.

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