10,000 cans and bottles recycled!

Ramona Josie and I have just this week surpassed 10,000 cans and bottles recycled in the container deposit scheme by collecting in our suburb on our morning and afternoon walks since we started in July 2020, 6 days after she was born!

We walk between 8km to 15km a day (although I guess I do all the walking at this stage!) and we turn the recycling into our own scheme whereby 50% of the recycled funds go into toys and educational supplies for her fun and development while the other 50% goes to buying toys to donate to charities like we do each Christmas by donating 100+ Hot Wheels cars to Helen’s Haven and the QLD Children’s Hospital for kids in need.

I love our suburb and the CDS has been a great motivator for exercise, helping the environment, giving back to our community and helping kids in need, cleaning up our suburb, bonding with my daughter and giving my wife a break! (haha).

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