Sport Techie: Australian Esports Club ORDER Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

With the global esports business pushing into the billions of revenue in the coming years, a fan base in the hundreds of millions and live events packing out global stadiums, the mammoth rise of the world’s fastest growing sport in competitive online gaming shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

With more than 600 esports sponsorships secured since the start of 2016 combined with the investment that global sporting teams and leagues are pumping into this space by buying esports teams and leagues or setting up high performance esports training centers, there is no doubt that this is big business as both sponsors and sports stakeholders see the potential to reach new audiences and establish new revenue opportunities.

However, what if fans could also buy their stake in an esports team and be co-owners with other likeminded esports fans? Enter Melbourne-based esports club ORDER, which on Tuesday opened up expressions of interests for a crowdfunding equity campaign enabling fans the opportunity to buy a stake in the club and in the process making it the world’s first fan-owned esports club.

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