Sport Techie Articles #10: Cricket Australia MatchDay App Enhances The Fan Experience

Attending any big sporting match these days in our tech- and experience-driven world offers fans the chance to partake in a multitude of fan engagement activities, with many starting the moment they approach the fan zone. It has also becoming increasingly important for fans to be able to engage with the team and venue prior to attending so that they can plan out their day.

While venues, teams, leagues and sponsors all work in tandem to communicate the game day plan via eDM newsletters, social media and advertising to get fans into the venue and fan space as early as possible and make them aware of what’s on at the game, how many families and fans attending these matches are actually fully aware of all of the fun things that they can participate in on the day?

Cricket Australia may have found a solution to this issue, as it recently debuted its new Matchday App which provides fans with access to a smorgasbord of valuable information to enhance the at-match experience during the Ashes series and other international fixtures over the course of summer in Australia.

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