FANS HQ is an educational monthly fan engagement journal for the sports business that explores some of the key exciting and innovative developments in the world of fan engagement and fan experience in the sports business both from Australia and abroad. 

FANS HQ also touches on sports merchandising, the wackier side of fan engagement and other areas of the business to include interviews with professionals in this space, venue updates, new technologies plus a variety of fan zone pictorial recaps. 

I hope you enjoy the monthly musings and recaps from this very entertaining industry.

Fan Engagement Pinterest

Since 2013 I have been collating the definitive one stop shop of global fan engagement ideas, strategies and solutions from hundreds of teams, venues, agencies and sponsors.

My fan engagement Pinterest board features over 7000 pins that cover everything from digital and brand campaigns, fan zones and event presentation, F&B developments and much more.

200+ Fan Engagement Ideas for Teams and Venues

This is a helpful fan engagement resource I created for grassroots to global teams and venues.

Fan Interviews, Radio Interviews and Game Day Audio

Interviews with fans and colleagues from around the grounds, radio interviews and game day audio from my visits to close to 200 global venues. 

100+ Fan Engagement Ideas for Kids, Families, Members and Fans

Here’s a handy infographic for 100+ Fan Engagement Ideas for Kids, Families, Members and Fans. Useful for grassroots to global clubs big and small to delight fans. 

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