Penrith Panthers NRL Game Day Experience, Panthers Stadium, Penrith, NSW 17/03/2018

On Saturday 17th of March I trekked out to Penrith to take in my first ever Penrith Panthers National Rugby League game day at Panthers Stadium.

I had heard a lot of good things about what the Panthers crew have been doing for fans and was really impressed to see the way they have gone to great lengths to look after fans out here in this classic suburban footy ground. 

Leaving Sydney’s Central Station within an hour of having arrived in from Melbourne that morning I hopped on the train out to Penrith Station with hundreds of other Panthers and Souths supporters young and old.  

Arriving into Penrith I took a big walk around the area and then around the outside of the ground while having a few chats to fans about what they thought about the game day experience here and not surprisingly they all agreed that it was one of the best in Sydney. 

It was impressive to see first hand the work they’ve done with the ‘Stand Up, Flags Up’ call to arms campaign to get fans up and raving before kick off while the fan first pricing such as family meal combos and 10% off for members in the outlets was a clever incentive for families and fans with the affordable beer prices also going down well with many fans. 

The  food trucks, kids zone, gourmet pies, entertaining game day production, local community hero of the game and just watching footy from the grassy hill of a suburban footy ground all equates to a pretty spectacular fan experience here for families and fans alike.

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