London Sports Business Internship Blog #3: Internship Goals

7.55am. Arnos Grove tube. The Cruel Sea ‘Woman with soul’

I hit the ground running at Queens Park Rangers FC on Monday morning and below is a list of all the goals I wish to accomplish or learn about during my time at the club.

My background is in marketing, event and venue management from previously working in the music business as well as at the Gabba sports ground in a Brisbane however the more I look into workplace health and safety (especially in the sports industry) the more I’m getting intrigued by this as a possible area to specialise in. Anyway good to keep the options open and to learn as much as I can across all the areas while at this global club.

These are my internship goals and areas I want to learn more about in order to refine my skills and bring these back to Australia to improve our events and fan engagement experiences. The list will continue to be updated.

1. Understand major event management processes and improve my operational management techniques
2. Learn about sport law/public liability for major events
3. Improve my PR skills/learn more about sports PR-media relations
4. Learn about corporate hospitality
5. Improve my understanding of organisational management structures in sports organisations
6. Learn about sports marketing and promotions
7. Learn about facility/sports stadia management
8. Learn about strategic management such as future planning, environmental analysis, strategy formation, implementation and control.
9. Experience more about office culture (odd to some but as a teacher you don’t experience ‘office’ business culture)
10. Learn about enterprise risk management (risk culture, monitoring risks)
11. Online marketing/digital media engagement
12. Fan engagement strategies
13. Keen to learn more about violence/bullying/hazing in the sport industry (possible idea for research paper I have)
14. To learn more and help out with the women’s game
15. Player welfare (possible area I think I could go into from being a teacher)
16. Anti-social behaviour at games. How it’s addressed
17. Safety at games. Crowd behaviour, workplace health and safety, evacuation procedures
18. Understand more about future trends in the sports business (from broadcasting to fan engagement)
19. Athlete management (career development, retirement, role of player, manager, staff, club)
20. Role of football police squads
21. Learn more about financial reporting, analysis, understanding accounting concepts, interpreting corporate financial reports.
22. Understand advertising/sponsorship procedures and selling

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