Goodbye to audioBoom and on to the next challenge…..



Today represents my last day at audioBoom as I’ve made the decision to move on from leading the company in Australia after three fulfilling years.

It has been a wild ride that has enabled me to travel the world and work with the Australian Open, Cricket World Cup, AFL and Netball World Cup along with major radio networks and podcasters throughout Australia.

I’m taking a career break now for a few months to focus on kicking off my PHD into fan engagement and to study the psychology of fans on a deeper academic level.

I’ll be looking for roles in fan engagement/fan experience, marketing and digital media around May/June/July.

I’m keen for a new challenge and would primarily like to spend some more time in the USA under the Visa E3 program where I can be employed via my degrees in behavioural studies and education that directly relate to working with a team or stadium in fan engagement under these rules.

I’m on the hunt for a club or stadium in the US to take me and my enthusiasm, life experience and background in adolescent teaching, music business, sports industry and passion for fans on. Jump? Well how high can we jump together? Heading back to London/England to work with a team is also an option I would strongly consider.

Please hit me up if you have an idea about how we could work together.

I’m also really excited to be starting a podcast soon around the topic of fans, which is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time and I’m going to throw myself into some volunteer work around helping unemployed people get back to work through personal branding.

Fans Podcast

Fans Podcast

Thanks to audioBoom for the opportunity to represent the company down under as it’s been a dream gig for the past three years.

Best wishes to all of our content partners who are in good hands with my colleague Alana here in Australia and the rest of the Boom team in the US, UK and India.

All the best, thanks



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