Cricket Australia Vs England ECB: Official Opening of Optus Stadium, Perth, Western Australia 28/1/18

Perth, Western Australia

On Sunday 28th of January I ventured over to Perth, Western Australia to see in the first match at the brand new Optus Stadium and while it may have had some small issues with F&B and lines (I challenge anyone opening a house, shop, business, restaurant, sidewalk lemonade cart on day one NOT to have an issue!) it was overwhelmingly a magnificent venue with an array of fan first touches. 

The fan experience was right up there with the impressive BHP Amphitheatre and boardwalk area providing families with multiple playground equipment and BBQ’s, the rest rooms are some of the most spacious in any Oz venue (more women’s then men’s), the seats are bigger and wider with cup holders, staff were well trained, smiling, excited and friendly and there’s local craft beer and local food on offer. 

Transport was free and fast to get in via the brand new station, the crisp sound and LED Sport lighting was on another level and they consistently listened well to fans all day on social to address queries/concerns.

An impressive fan experience that you must add to your events bucket list in 2018.

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