Brisbane Roar Women’s Team Infographic

This week I made the move to London for two months to start my sports business internship at Queens Park Rangers but I also wanted to make sure I did up an infographic for the Brisbane Roar women’s team. I didn’t have enough time to knock up one for the mens team due to the 40 odd hours of travelling but I hope to get back to doing one next week should time permit.

One of the areas in which I’m keen to get involved with in Australia is working with developing the women’s game. I’m really passionate and enthusiastic about wanting to improve equality and make these women stars of the game. There is no reason why we can’t get women’s football in Australia to be as big as in the US. I have plenty of creative ideas which I wish to share with the Roar or the powers that be in other areas of Australian women’s sport so we’ll see what happens over time.

As I mentioned on my social media channels doing up these infographics (I have one of the way for the FFA to showcase how good the game is going in Australia) has been a great way to get my name and brand out there to show organisations and businesses how passionate and professional I am as well as what services I can provide.

I focused on a general background of the Roar’s women’s team this week which included profiles on Tameka Butt and Amy Chapman as well as some records and stats and a current ladder.

Good luck to the girls on Sunday!


Brisbane Roar Women's team infographic for game against Adelaide on Sunday.

Brisbane Roar Women’s team infographic for game against Adelaide on Sunday.


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