4BC Brisbane Radio Interview on Fan Behaviour

A friendly chat with Spencer Howson on Brisbane’s 4BC Radio detailing an idea I had overnight to recreate some posters from my time at QPRFC in London to possibly help combat ASB in Australian venues.

Main points:

– Stadium management/ushers/security do a very good job under pressure. These incidents happen so fast and it takes time to manage and resolve.
– Our game days are very safe. One fan ruins it for the rest of us. I’ve travelled across the country and overseas for game days and our venues and game days are incredibly safe spaces.
– ASB is everywhere not just in stadiums ie shopping malls and public places. Venues do a very good job for fans.

The idea came to me during my time working at QPR in 2013 when there was this clever campaign around pyro http://ncefl.org.uk/news/league/2017/4447campaignwarnsagainstuseofpyrotechnics/

This was all just a quick idea that I knocked up on Canva in the space of an hour on Saturday afternoon. I used classic and iconic sports idioms to highlight how acting poorly might see a fan in trouble for making poor decisions and to be respectful and to think twice about actions on game days.

AUDIO: https://embeds.audioboom.com/posts/8095616/embed/v4

Full show: https://www.4bc.com.au/podcast/full-show-sunday-5th-june-2022/

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