20 Snapchat Spectacles Examples From Sports Teams, Players, Fans and Brands

If you’ve been lucky enough to try out a pair of Snap Inc’s Spectacles then you’ll have seen that they’re a lot of fun to use.  I was lucky enough to grab a pair back in February from the Manhattan store for the retail price of $141US (approximately $200AUD) and have been really impressed with them while trying them out for a few things like road trips and sport as can be seen below.

The easy to use Spectacles with their hands free recording offers a unique point of view that provides fans with an immersive viewing experience but there are some pro’s and con’s to consider if you’re thinking of grabbing a pair for your team or for personal use. 


  • Easy to pair to your Snapchat account out of the box
  • Nice design that feels good on your face and they look relatively ok
  • Heavy weight means they won’t break easily and are durable
  • HD video feature is quick (once imported) and looks much better than standard vision
  • Easy to use with the touch of a button on the left hand side
  • Immersive experience showing much more than a standard video can
  • Hands free means you can do so much with them
  • Easily downloadable once synced into Snapchat
  • The snaps don’t go straight to your story meaning you can delete snaps you don’t like and add others
  • The case and its USB power charging cord look awesome
  • Relatively inexpensive at $141USD
  • Editing process is simple and the same as for Snapchat
  • Snaps load into Snapchat ‘Specs’ as soon as you’ve filmed them over bluetooth
  • Packaging is very smart
  • 115 degree camera lens
  • Battery life is very good


  • Don’t work for Android bluetooth syncing
  • Don’t work with prescription glasses
  • Syncing can take some time. 40 odd snaps can take up to 20 minutes in my experience over Wi-Fi
  • The snaps don’t import as HD
  • Recording time is only 10 seconds although this can be boosted to 30 seconds by pressing the button on the side
  • There is no way to take pictures just 10 seconds video
  • No geo-filters
  • Hard to buy. Still not available in Australia
  • Audio quality can be poor especially outside
  • Buying process was a very weird experience in NYC. No ability to try a pair on, staff unhelpful and more interested in just taking your money than helping with questions about the product
  • Not to be worn inside as you look stupid
  • Privacy concerns. No legal test case yet or negative media story about filming people’s conversations or interactions with Spectacles. A young staff member at the NYC store baulked and said there are no issues but I strongly disagree with that. Don’t be one of those people who doesn’t tell someone you’re recording them

My overall opinion is that they are a very exciting piece of tech and a cool gadget that is very easy to use, relatively inexpensive and which really provide this incredibly fun visual perspective. The thing is though that these are designed for capturing interesting moments and experiences so you really need to think long and hard about what interesting insights and content you can capture that is going to engage fans. Think goal kicking practice, tackling drills, day in the life of a player etc. That’s the kind of stuff that these Spectacles will be good for from teams. I’ve been lending my pair out to teams across Australia and I’m really excited to see the interesting content they come up with. If you’re part of a team or stadium or work in the sports business hit me up and we’ll see what we can arrange so you can use them. 

As can be seen from the brief run down below, there’s been plenty of teams, fans, stadiums, sponsors and players using Spectacles to engage their fans with interesting content ideas as well as giving them this new unique perspective. Have you seen some other teams using Spectacles creatively? 

20 Sports Spectacles Examples

1. Fans capturing special moments at games

2. World Baseball Classic batting practice

3. Golf shot from a pro golfer on the PGA Tour

4. NCAA Wrestling practice

5. MLB players Spectacles takeover

6. Pittsburgh Penguins players wearing Spectacles on the ice

7. Denver Broncos at the NFL Fan Experience

8. NASCAR chequered flag race start

9. Ohio State University Buckeyes marching band

10. Changing a tyre at the Daytona 500

11. US Women’s National Soccer Team skills training

12. Guess Who with San Jose Earthquakes MLS

13. MCFC player Spectacles takeover

14. OBJ using Spectacles for EA Sports at the Pro Bowl

15. New Orleans Pelicans NBA using Spectacles with their cheer squad

16. Pelicans NBA player Ant Davis dunking on the court

17. NYCFC players coming out of the sheds

18. Seattle Seahawks on field action

19. Mascot takeover. Brutus Buckeye from OSU

20. James Harden, Houston Rockets and Trolli activation with Spectacles


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