100 audioBoom Sports Team and Stadium Fan Engagement Ideas

100 audioBoom Sports Team and Stadium Fan Engagement Ideas

100 audioBoom Sports Team and Stadium Fan Engagement Ideas

I’ve put together a list of 100 useful audioBoom fan engagement ideas for sporting clubs for both professional teams all the way down to grassroots clubs.

These audio fan engagement ideas with audioBoom are simple, practical and inexpensive especially given that our platform with audioBoom is 100% free for clubs. All you really need here is a little bit of creativity to bring these ideas to life and create a new digital content outlet for your fans.

If you would like to learn more please get in touch with me via blair@audioBoom.com and I will be happy to show you how you can use audioBoom to promote your team and engage your fans just like how teams in the AFL, A-League and NBL are doing.

The full list is here:

  1. Fan Messages: Get fans to leave a message of support for the team and play to the team before they run out of the sheds
  2. Radio interviews
  3. Match day transport updates for fans
  4. Pose a question to fans ‘Best try today?’
  5. Post an update about information on ticket offers, deals or discounts for fans
  6. Merch Chat: Talk to the club shop rep about merchandise offers each week
  7. Catering Offers. Drinks and food offers at the game available only via code on audioBoom app at venue.
  8. Club Song or chant after a win plus add lyrics so fans can learn song
  9. Fans singing club war cry from the stands
  10. Coach’s Comments: Get coach’s thoughts before, during or after the match
  11. Press Conferences: Pre to post match media conferences
  12. Interview fans at the ground before and after the game
  13. Player Talk: Interview the players from men’s to women’s to reserve’s teams
  14. Captain’s Log: Get the captain to say a few words ahead of the weeks match
  15. Rally Call: Have players send out a few words of support for fans during the week
  16. Birthday Message: Players send out personalised birthday wishes to select fans
  17. Commentate the Game: Have a player or former star commentate some of their thoughts during the game
  18. News Bulletin: Run a short news style bulletin covering the big topics each day at the club
  19. CEO’s Comments: Have the CEO list five outcomes or positive things from the week so fans can hear what’s going on behind the scenes
  20. Staff Profiles: Let the fans know who works at the club and their roles
  21. Fan Profiles: Build a catalogue of fans voices and collate on team website
  22. Important messages from the club
  23. Fan Engagementactivations taking place on match day
  24. Corporate Corner: Information on corporate suites and dining
  25. Fan Opinions: Get fans to voice their opinions post match after leaving the ground
  26. This Is Your Life: Interview a past legend
  27. Player Bio’s: Do player bio’s of past club legends and current stars and create QR codes to have on pictures around stadium that fans can tag and listen to
  28. Trainer Talk: Fitness and skills tips with the team trainers
  29. Health Tips: Nutrition and health advice and tips with the club doctor
  30. Pre Game Message: Team captain or coach delivers a pre game message to fans
  31. Toilet/Beer Line Update: Which toilet/beer line has the shortest queues
  32. FanOf The Week: Fans nominate themselves with a pic and reason why
  33. Women’s, Academy or Reserve’s team chat
  34. Weekly Re-Cap of Match Day
  35. ThingLink: Run a ThingLink of the recorded key match sounds from the game
  36. Upload previous club songs throughout history of the club
  37. Mascot Update: Get an update from the team mascot
  38. Shed Sounds: Pre-game coach talk or rev up to players in the sheds possible game plan
  39. Match Day Sounds: Record the sounds of around the ground on match day
  40. HT/FT Reports: Analysis from club reps or recruit in fans to report
  41. Fans Thoughts: Fans post in their comments at each break
  42. Audio Tour Diary: Tour diary from the road where players post updates into separate player channels
  43. Club Forum Pre-Recorded Questions: Send in your questions and have them played out. Especially good for international fans voices to be heard.
  44. International Fan Call Out: Get fans from overseas to contribute their thoughts from where they are watching the game
  45. Seat Upgrades: Fans have to listen in at certain time via the app and if your name is called you get an upgrade
  46. Stadium PA Messages Of Support: Fans voices and messages go around the ground speakers pre-game
  47. Q&A: Players interviewed by club rep or fan
  48. Team Sheet: Fan/club rep reads out the team sheet
  49. Quiz/Trivia: Run a quiz, post audio trivia or run a ‘Did You Know’
  50. Tips/Score Prediction: Upload your prediction
  51. Cheerleader Chat: Chat with cheerleaders
  52. Stat Check: Quick stats run down ahead of the game
  53. Junior Match Day Caller: Kid to give their comments at HT/FT
  54. Welcome Messages: Member welcome audio messages from players/coach/captain/CEO
  55. Top 5’s with players interviews
  56. Skills Session: Talk through with a player how to do a skill
  57. Record club meetings minutes and post for fans to hear
  58. Fan Team: Let fans record who should be in the squad for the round
  59. National anthems
  60. Casualty Ward: Record a brief injury update like ins and outs
  61. Audio Tour: Fans can use the app to tour the ground with their own device
  62. Interviews with ground staff on match day
  63. Ticketing update and information
  64. Christmas wishes or carols from player/coach/captain
  65. Valentines Day post from a player or mascot
  66. ANZAC Day Last Post and reveille sounds
  67. Band Sounds: Performance of band playing at pre-game fan zone
  68. Mothers/Fathers Day post to these fans
  69. Match Day Report: Fans to record their match day report
  70. Tactics Talk: Coach shares insights about plays
  71. Audio Check-In to the game: Fans to record and upload where they are watching in the world.
  72. Thank You Message: Send out a thank you to fans via the coach, player, team
  73. Slogans: Send in your slogan for the team
  74. Leave Pass: CEO/Coach gives an audio leave pass to fans
  75. Sponsor messages and offers
  76. Commentate The game: Show us your commentating skills where fans send in their best try, goal, play commentating skills
  77. Game Day Reminders for fans
  78. Man/Woman of the Match: Fans tell us who should be the man or woman of the match
  79. Members Audio Diary
  80. audioBoom The Crowd: pick the crowd number to win free tickets/merch
  81. #audioBoomASK chat with a player
  82. Match Day Experience: Sign up a fan for a match day and get them to record the experience
  83. Best XI: Fans name their all time best team
  84. Record and upload high performance business conference seminars at the club
  85. audioBoom check in to win a prize
  86. Fan travels with the team for an away game and records interviews
  87. First Game Information: Coming to the game for the first time
  88. Away Day information audio
  89. Include audioBoom section in your club app
  90. Post the team podcast or radio show
  91. Stadium Playlist: Let a fan upload their ultimate match day music stadium playlist
  92. Run an audio tour- let fans use audioBoom app to navigate the stadium/club
  93. Away Day Audio- club/fan interviews on away games
  94. Use audioBoom for in-seat food ordering
  95. audioBoom Selfie From Your Seat: Take a pic and say something about the game
  96. Player Bios: On the player bio section of website include an audioBoom post so the picture speaks to the fan
  97. Fan Forum: Record and upload the fan forum and questions from fans
  98. Kids Fan Zone Activity News
  99. Club Easter Egg Hunt: Egg hunt around Easter games in stadium or city with audio clues from players and coach.
  100. Community Chats: Club in the community interviews, talks, school visits.

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