Blair Hughes interviews Sean Callanan on Sports Geek Podcast

Blair Hughes interviews Sean Callanan on Sports Geek Podcast

Sports Geek Podcast

Sports Geek Podcast

Blair Hughes interviews Sean Callanan on Sports Geek Podcast

Last month I had the pleasure of interviewing Sean from Sports Geek for the Sports Geek Podcast.

Sean has helped on my journey from teacher to sports business so it was a pleasure to talk to him about his personal brand, his story into sports and digital as well as his lessons for young people looking to craft a career in the sports industry.

In this episode we discussed:

  • Where Sean’s passion for sports comes from
  • How Sports Geek business card idea came about
  • How Sean nearly started working in sports in 1993
  • Why Sean was behind the first AFL Club TV show – Bulldogs TV
  • How a USA sports trip was a big reason behind #SportsGeekTrip
  • A look back at Mountain West data analysis project
  • Why Sean barracks for Collingwood
  • How Sean secured first Sports Geek clients back in 2010
  • Please count how many times Blair says Fan Engagement
  • How the skills of digital teams has seen Sean working more with ticketing and sponsorship teams
  • How community radio helped build skills for podcasting and radio
  • Why Sean is thrilled that Sports Geek clients are amongst the most avid listeners to the podcast
  • Why Sean is blown away from listener emails
  • Why podcasting is getting so much press right now
  • How Sean is looking forward to pushes more into podcasting
  • What exactly is CHUNKY media?
  • Wait for Sean’s rant on fan engagement

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Listen here:

About Blair Hughes

I'm a passionate advocate for fans and an authority in the fan engagement/experience space. I consult for global sporting leagues and teams around analysis, ideation and implementation to help deliver creative and innovative fan engagement solutions that grow fan bases and increase revenue opportunities. I'm an award winning marketer and accomplished writer who brings a diverse and creative approach to my consulting work as a result of a career and valuable life experiences gained from the education, sport, music and digital sectors.


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